Conversations in Color

The appearance of a particular color shifts when viewed under different lights. The tone, the very premise of everyday conversations shifts based on the perspective of all parties speaking or listening.. Conversations In Color frames modern discussions

“Conversation” not Broadcast

Your comments, thoughts and opinions are a vital part of of our “Color Spectrum”, please join the conversation.

About Bonnie Sandy [@Badassebs]  creates product, service and programs that enable those who are gifted, talented and/or highly skilled, "ideate" and bring their unique ideas to market in a controlled scaled process by transitioning them first to an understanding of their business model while developing profit strategies and creating sustainable earnings, then scaling to their desired market position. As a trained designer with a technology background and over 30 years in creative industrialism. The Program Ms Sandy leverages technology to economically impact local communities globally but focuses beyond the “what should be done”, to the “how best to do”. To accomplish this she blends together the best concepts from traditional. and cultural cottage techniques with innovative approaches to technology adoption in product development and revenue generation.

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