#Mask4All saves lives - Here is what you need to consider when buying one

An Executive Order Details That New Yorkers Must Wear a Mask in Public Starting 8 p.m. Friday, April 17.

It means it’s time to get a mask, actually you’ll need about 3 or 4. We now need to wear a mask in NYC when we step out in public and that will most likely still be in effect when the shelter in place order is first removed. How one uses a mask, the fit of the mask, the design and material used and the cleaning of masks impact their effectiveness. Masks also works in conjunction with social distancing, handwashing and sanitization! Yet I get the sense, scrap that, I am often challenged on the use of cloth mask

”how can cloth fight off “#corona”

That underlying misconception or bias may be why most folks have not adopted mask wearing. I actually started this journey at that point. However as I watched the coverage I realized that there were design issues, huge gapes at side top and under chin in mask medical professionals were wearing. There were issues in how mask were used. .. speak into your mask, do not pull them down to speak to others.

I heard a reporter say,

“Just cover your face with anything”

Seriously! There is a bias towards cloth face covering. Granted not everything should be used and not every cover especially those folded DIY ones offer the necessary protection from “Projectile transfer”. If you’re telling me cough into my elbow, how often do men clean their suits! If the use of gloves is to prevent the bacteria entering through nose and moth… isn’t it more effective to block the nose and mouth! then i observed that countries where mask wearing was instituted early on have fewer deaths per mil… the Czechs republic has 16 deaths per mill and less than 200 deaths total since their first case in January. There is a lot of misinformation and confusion around the use of mask. Many quote scientific results from a lab rather than from actual use and case studies.

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So its time to get a mask! You can buy one- I recommend supporting local makers, you can purchase one of mine use code #flattenthecurve for 15% off! I used the skill to build doll and puppet faces and other 3d toys using fabric and designed a face cover to fit snugly above nose under the chin to the neck , at the side, in fact the complete circumference. that is without a nose wire. with a nose wire, escape cannot be detected.

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  • Choose PRE- SHRUNK 100% Cotton WEAVE for main shell and lining- (knits stretch when wet and “holes’ that allow for more transfer.

  • Mask should fit flat under chin, above nose and at the sides

  • 2 layers if you are covering you N95 or K95 to extend their use life…

  • 3 layers (one a pocket ) so you can add disposable filter

  • Dispose of filter and disposable mask safely after each use!

  • Change mask every 2 hrs or if contaminated mask, change mask that has collected moisture from your speaking.

  • Speak into you mask! the purpose is to protect others from your projectile!

  • Do not hold the outside of your mask… handle by straps

  • Do not reverse mask… I’m sure there are more but the point is we noed to take this serious!

  • A well made mask cost about $10-15 to produce, supplies stores are closed so sourcing and shipping is high. Makers are also taking extra care to preshrink by washing, sanitizing during making and before delivery … this is slow manufacturing at best!

Do not just take my word for it Please Do Your Research
I did, check #Mask4All as well as the medical & research papers in Jeremy Howard’s listing YouTube videos, Social media comments now I’m teh town crier!


I had planned to start podcasting and regular postings in March for Women’s’ Month! Then Corona set in. In the last few weeks I put my product development skills to work designing a very good mask pattern. I then distributed it to women across the globe specifically in countries where access to healthcare is an even bigger challenge. Those women are now teaching others and making not just to support their families but provide much needed mask. So while I am a tad bit disappointed my pans were sidestepped! I am so happy I had the skill to help!
Your support is needed !


Please share… folks need to explore and understand how to properly leverage cloth mask. Even more I’d appreciate a comment or two! I’m exploring urban garden even in apartments, food will soon be a problem. I have an eye out for directives on addressing care before you catch it, preventative and if you do get this how does one treat it before being given the much needed medical care as is happening all across the city I love! Yes I am still searching for suggestions on changing perspective and making mask wearing more acceptable is welcome.

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