MVP- How I Virtually Took Moms & Pops to the World

After a year of working directly with small business- We Need your support

This week I got several calls! one said simply. I just made more in the last month than I have all last year! Coming from a mother homeschooling that is major! These are folks tapping into their own creativity, learning, saving, bootstrapping, collaborating working! Your tuning in can boost their moral!

My Apologies for the long hiatus. Last year around this time I made a choice to put my personal plans aside and help local businesses make the transition to a virtual business model. 

Today, Sunday March 14th I will boldly take on an online popup! Please join us!  Your support, participation and feedback will be greatly appreciated. 

Growth comes with awareness.  Awareness builds when information gets absorbed into the mind, slowly. Every little blurb in a magazine, a mention in a newspaper begins with a comment from a friend, a display on a timeline, a text to a sister, a message to a colleague’s inbox.

Wanna help a sistah build awareness? Then-


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Set your alarm!!!

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Stay tuned there is still o much more to this…