Optimizing Your Business Against the Impact of #Coronavirus

Its time to start the conversation...

A discussion with a colleague on contingency plans for some projects we were working on led me to do some fact checking. I found this diagram and some figures in a Time Article .

I however was looking for tips for businesses and what I found fell way short of any real info that would benefit businesses. The thing is, this topic falls under disaster preparedness and whether family, school, medical, government or Business we all should already have some type of plan.
Most do not.
Hence the fear.

If things escalate the local businesses I work with who depend on summer outdoor festivals to earn their years income wont have that opportunity. That means depending on a digital strategy shipping and handling cost, which many are unprepared for. We have redesigned our fliers for street distribution. But even so distribting when folks are not circulating will be a challenge. There is a lot to prep for “In case of”

Have you really thought about the possible effects in your sector… what’s your thoughts

This week I am choosing to make this my focus. Simply comment or reply with you fears, concerns suggestions. What’s a business to do?

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